We support initiatives, cultures, companies that respect the environment, biodiversity, people and their ancestral knowledge. #MakeOurPlanetGreenAgain


A seed is a plant, an ecosystem, a carbon sink, an inheritance, a future for the territory and its people.


For virtuous plants, we favor the non-intensive cultivation of the gatherer which allows to preserve agricultural uses respectful of the Nature and its organic production.


We have created a distributor brand to value their production of nutritional plants.

Our prefered #SuperAliments

MORINGA Oleifera

Plant with unpublished nutritional balance, we offer you seeds, leaves, leaf powder with Biodynamic and Organic certification. Origin Desert of Lima.

CAMU CAMU ou “Myrciaria dubia”

Camu-camu is a fruit native to the Peruvian Amazon. It grows wild in rivers, streams, lagoons and banks along streams, mainly from Iquitos to Pucallpa in Peru. We offer you frozen pulp, dehydrated powder, organic always.

Do you want to export your organic production?

We create a distributor brand to value your production.

We value the plants that present us.

The plants also do help to preserve water, weather in the best naturally way.