With our manufacturers partners, we are Greentech/Cleantech-based Solutions distributors, sometimes with digital services addons democratizing #EnergyTransition #Water #Energy #AgrOrga #Greennovation | All our solutions optimize our Water/Carbon Footprint.


GUARANTEE the effectiveness and utility of our ECO-LOGICAL solutions for our customers by making them easier using and maintaining them. ENSURE their cost-reduction efficiency and environmental outcome as defined by their investment plan dealing with Service’s Cost, Culture, Coverage, Quality, Quantity and Continuity.

We SUPPORT our distributors with digital tools to improve end user’s experience and benefits.

Finally, we PROMOTE the emergence of an inclusive model for an equitable distribution of added value among the value chain.



We can notice that Climatic Change is a reality triggering concerns to access to some vidal ressources. We think private sector shall instigate some little changes of their customers’ behaviour to generate greater environmental effects. Some IT tools  can DEMOCRATIZE our Eco-logical solutions sharing data. We all win changing the way we use energy and water. An OPEN-MINDED and SUSTAINABLE way with simple economic models, local partnerships to manufacture them or maintain them.

Thanks to the expertise of our allied manufacturers and distributors partnership we can make CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP and SATISFACTION as the core-value






Committed with our Customers, Partners and the Environment according to the UN SDG framework.

“The cheapest ressource is the one we save.”

from the best of European business environment for #Greennovation.


SEVILLE’S CLUSTER FOR renewable energies with 3.000 hours of sunshine per year. (SPAIN).

...in France too.


One of the best place in France for digital services, electronics development and Cleantech. #IoT #FrenchTech

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