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We have selected BIOSORB, a 100% organic material for its simplicity of implementation and its high performance to remove metals dissolved in water (heavy metals). This WATERPROOF CARPET completes any water line to reduce its carbon and water footprint, allowing reuse or dumping of decontaminated water from its metallic elements.


A unique post-filtration (polishing) solution for being a 100% organic ion exchanger that traps more than 68 types of metallic elements with high yields.


The cleansing of the chemical physical part of higly contaminated water meets the most demanding requirements. It would be a nonsense not to reuse it.


The BIOSORB life cycle is not limited to water decontamination: it can produce energy, and generate new raw materials.

We created a third alternative source of drinking water supply.

It does not require energy: the flow of your water line is sufficient, such as your activated carbon filter.

100% of the raw water is treated, and the mineral salts are preserved.

BIOSORB removes heavy metals from the Environment. They get trapped, inert, and it’s better that way.



alfombra BIOSORB

Do you have a project and want to innovate by improving your water footprint or decontaminate water to reforest, irrigate or purify water?

From domestic filters to scrubber ponds.

Being an ion exchanger, each project needs a study and a design of the module to be integrated into its water line. Our allied engineering firms can provide you with all the services for optimized integration.

Test the efficiency of the BIOSORB thanks to the test Container.

Descontaminar efluentes y.


IMPLEMENTATION OF A 3500L SKID with 2000L of BIOSORB inside.


LessCO2MoreWater - The forest, wetlands and aquifers help cities to take care of the environment.

We use a natural CO2 storage resource, the forest, to optimize the water and carbon footprint of water treatment solutions.


June 2018

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